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I have a Dataset with a TableAdapter and when i say something like this


It brings me all the results from a database and i show them using a pivot from DevExpress control. I am using sqlite as database and i store in a filed datetime eg '1/4/2012' as string and when is the time to be show from the pivot with a grouping as DateMonth or whatever.. nothing is show up. I think that the pivot doesnt understand the format to group the dates.. Now i try to get the DataTable from the DataSet with the GetData command and change the datetime to a correct date and fill it again with the correct dates results. One way i tryied is like

StatisticsDataset.MedicineDatasetDataTable datatable = this.medicineDatasetTableAdapter.GetData();

DataTable a = this.medicineDatasetTableAdapter.GetData();

foreach (DataRow row in a.Rows)
    DateTime tempDate = DateTime.ParseExact(row.ItemArray[4].ToString(), Resources.ShortDateFormat, new CultureInfo(Resources.CurrentCulture));
                row[4] = tempDate;
            this.statisticsDataset.MedicineDataset = a;

But it doesnt works. Any suggestions please??

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Certainly seems to be a type issue.

Looking at the code you're taking a data from a 'Text' cell, converting it into a DateTime and then copying the value back into the same 'Text' cell (which would cast the value back into a string!). I would suggest either...

  • Create a new strongly typed DateTime cell for your MedicineDatasetDataTable and copy the parsed value into that cell.

  • Why bother storing DateTime values as string, virtually all database products (sorry I've never used SQLLite) support this datatype and in a strongly typed scenario, there's no need to convert values.

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Sorry i was late replaying to your comment.. i will try to change the type of the cell to DateTime and i will inform you for the result. But i think i already do that – Paner Mar 4 '12 at 12:42

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