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I'm looking for a library that helps with network packet creation/parsing. Something as Python dpkg library. I need to change IP addresses, to check ports and to analyze payload of TCP/UDP packets which I have as Ethernet frames.

I know this can be done manually, e.g. as is presented in WinPcap docs or libpcap docs. Are there any library for this?

C++ on Windows.

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Take a look to libcrafter. It's a library for creation and decoding of network packets very similar to Scapy. Not sure if it can work on Windows but you can try.

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Have a look at the plugins and API for for Wireshark.

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I know it's been a while this answer but you should try libtins. It is a really versatile, object-oriented and efficient library.

Disclaimer: I was one of the creators of the library and it is actively maintained by Matias Fontanini.

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