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I see this one time, and know that it not so hard, but can't find any solutions in internet.

Let say I have plugin, as you know it written by XUL. XUL like HTML has tags, js and etc. So I want to debug it with Firebug.

But in default plugin view firebug (as all other plugins disabled). So i need to open my plugin like Web page.

I remember that it's something like


Does anyone face this problem?

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There is no general rule by which you can build the addresses of extension pages. You have to open the extension's XPI file (it's a regular ZIP file, rename it if necessary) and have a look at chrome.manifest inside. E.g. in Firebug's chrome.manifest it says:

content firebug content/firebug/

Which means that the files in the content/firebug/ directory of the extension are accessible under chrome://firebug/content/. You can try opening them as web pages but they won't necessarily work.

A better approach would be using tools that are actually meant for extensions. For example Chromebug or DOM Inspector.

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Thanks that will help me a lot. – Narek Mar 1 '12 at 11:55

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