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My problem is I dont know how to scrap from an xml file when I need to auth to access it.

so my xml file is on url="ftp://ftp.Dom.com/BlaBla/" user="myself" pass="secret".

On scrapy's doc, I found out something similar for html and I tried to adapt it to my needs.

Here is my code atm :

class kelly(XMLFeedSpider):
   name = "kelly"
   allowed_domains = []
   start_urls = ["ftp://ftp.Dom.com/BlaBla/"]

   def __init__(self, name=None, **kwargs):
      self.secret_users = {}
      pipe_import = ImportLaunch()
      pipe_import.pipe = Pipe.objects.first()
      self.pipe_import = pipe_import

   def parse_node(self, response):
      import pdb
      return [FormRequest.from_response(response,
                    formdata={'username': 'myself', 'password': 'secret'},

   def parse_after_log(self,response):
      # check login succeed before going on
      if "authentication failed" in response.body:
         self.log("Login failed", level=log.ERROR)
         # We've successfully authenticated, let's have some fun!
         return Request(url="ftp://ftp.Dom.com/BlaBla/kelly_polarbear.xml", callback=self.parse_tastypage)

   def parse_tastypage(self,response,node):
      print 'I passed !!' 

but my message is still

`2012-03-01 12:27:28+0100 [kelly] ERROR: Error downloading <GET ftp://ftp.kellyservices.com`/Polarbear/>: 530 User anonymous cannot log in.

thanks for help

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How about a simpler approach?

import requests
from lxml import objectify

r = requests.get('http://www.example.com/', auth('username','password'))
root = objectify.fromstring(r.result)

# Now root is an object tree representing your XML
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Haven't worked with XMLFeedSpider, but worked with BaseSpider from which XMLFeedSpider inherits.

Your .xml file is on an ftp server, but FormRequest creates HTTP POST request, which is usually yielded from a parse method when a page with the authentication form was loaded. So i think it won't work here.

There is HttpAuthMiddleware for passing through basic access authentication, but looks like it won't work with FTP (though you can try).

I think the solution is to write your own downloader middleware, which will download files from FTP servers using (haven't tried):

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