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I am developing he application which delivers the video media over http(it is a streaming of movies).

I have used Auto Renewable subscriptions in the app and they are renewing on monhly basis also we are updating the movies inside the app continiously.

I was going through the Apple policy for auto renwing subscription which is,

11.7: Apps that use IAP to purchase items must assign the correct Purchasability type Appler In-App Purchase is currently an Auto-Renewable Subscription. However, it would be more appropriate to use the Non-Renewing Subscription In-App Purchase type. Auto-Renewable Subscriptions are intended for periodical apps, such as magazines and newspapers.

What does it mean?

Can my product will get approval or not?

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I got the same response from Apple. To be clear, yes your app has been rejected and will not be allowed on the store until you make changes and re-submit. Apple typically recommends in this case that you implement Non-Renewing Subscriptions.

If you strongly disagree you can appeal to the Apple Review Board but this takes longer than a typical review, and in my case, they still asked me to change the app.

Be aware. There are some significant differences between Manual and Auto-Renewing Subscriptions. Some are advantages, some are disadvantages.

With Non-Renewing Subscriptions (NRS's):

  • Apple will not automatically send renewal receipts to all the user's devices.
  • Since the restoreTransactions method doesn't work with NRS's, you can't ask for the latest receipt either.
  • So you have to find your own way of telling when the same user is using your app on different devices. Apple essentially insists that you do this by implementing an optional login system.
  • There are other differences I haven't covered.

My first app rejection was because I had inappropriately used Auto-Renewing Subscriptions. And my second rejection was because they didn't like how I was syncing subscriptions across multiple devices. (I was storing a unique ID in the users iCloud account to identify when the same user was using multiple devices).

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