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I've been up and down the Facebook API as well as all over the internets looking for an answer to this question.

Has anyone seen an example of a website that displays information pulled from a Facebook Page? Is this even possible?

I've been able to run the demos provided at Trying Out Facebook Connect and the API Test Console, but I've only been able to retrieve information on users not pages.

Any help would be appreciated.

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For now, it doesn't appear possible. Quote from Stream.get:

This method returns an object (in JSON-encoded or XML format) that contains the stream from the perspective of a specific viewer -- currently, a user, and in the near future, a Facebook Page.

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Just tried it out on the console - it does work with pages. You just have to use the page ID instead of the user ID for whatever you're trying to get.



This gets the photo albums of the page with ID 5281959998, which is the NY Times.

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You're right about photos. I was using photos.get instead of photos.getAlbums, but Notes doesn't work work and Videos appears to have no helpful methods at all. –  Nathan Peretic Jun 4 '09 at 17:30

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