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I am trying to setup a (version 1.4.4) server on a machine with Windows XP SP3. The source is contained in an SVN repository on a different server. The svn client I am using was installed through the Cygwin tools.

I am able to get successfully installed and configured up to getting the Subversion part working. Everytime modifications are detected or a build is forced, throws an expception complaining that the working copy is locked and to run svn cleanup. I have tried playing around with the source control block elements and their settings. I have tried including the element and manually running svn cleanup on the local working copy - but no luck. Is there something else I need to configure in order to get Subversion working with

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Do not use the cygwin svn client. There's no reason to use that since there's a perfectly fine svn client for Windows. And the cygwin client has several problems (wc format, line endings, ...).

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Thanks, I just tried the CollabNet client before checking back here, and it resolved my issue. – Vince Jun 4 '09 at 16:47

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