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When developing an ASP.NET website with the Entity Framework, you can use an initialiser to drop and recreate the database when the model changes.

Take this example: I set up my project to drop and recreate the db under the Debug configuration, but not the Release.

I use Web Deploy 2.0, but, I see a potential issue, where I deploy to a production server, and forget to build the website with the configuration set to Release. Therefore the db may be dropped in production.

Is there a way to prohibit Visual Studio from publishing a website, based on certain criteria? e.g. destination server is X and the project is built in the Debug configuration

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If you know the server name, you can write code to skip setting the database initializer in Global.asax

{//do not set the initalizer
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Tks for the first idea, I'd mark this as useful if I had the reputation. – Michael Mar 2 '12 at 16:41

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