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I have created my own custom deserialziation class to use with spring/jackson. This works fine with requestbody annotation and submitting json via ajax.

I now want to add a @NotNull validation annotation to a field. Hwoever I either get the error :

An Errors/BindingResult argument is expected to be immediately after the model attribute argument in the controller method signature: 

Or no binding at all is performed, depending on what combo of annotations I use. I have no configured any validators, how would I do this ? I don't want custom valdiation, just not null ?

What I want to do is this :

public @ResponseBody myDTO saveDTO(@Valid @RequestBody myDTO myDTO, BindingResult result, Model model){

However with that, nothing is bound, the dto fields are null. Even though when I remove the validation annotations it works fine the fields are populated correctly).

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