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I have the following setup:

  • my controller inherits UINavigationController.
  • It holds a member of DialogViewController
  • My controller's ContentSizeForViewInPopover is set to 400|400
  • The DialogViewController's ContentSizeForViewInPopover is also set to 400|400

One of the elements in the dialog view controller discloses a long list of sub elements. If this list is longer than the 400 units I defined, the popover controller's height will be increased if this list is pushed on the navigation controller. This is fine, however if I go back to the previous menu, the size won't be resized to the 400 units I defined.

Is there a way to tell DialogViewController to not change the size?

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Can you show code for your specific usage of MonoTouch.Dialog? You may be seeing this behavior because every time the TopViewController changes...UIPopoverController will attempt to auto-negotiate it's own ContentSize.

You should set the ContentSizeForViewInPopover for each UIViewController being presented by overriding the WillShowViewController method and setting the SizeF there.

public class NavDelegate : UINavigationControllerDelegate 
    public NavDelegate()
        : base() 

    public override void WillShowViewController(UINavigationController navigationController, UIViewController viewController, bool animated)
        base.WillShowViewController(navigationController, viewController, animated);

        viewController.ContentSizeForViewInPopover = new SizeF(.., ..);
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