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I inherited a project at work and at a certain point I'm supposed to send (recursively) a folder and its content to a ftp server using QFtp (connected with signals and slots).

This works perfectly okay except that if I try to create a destination directory :


and that directory already exist, all subsequent commands won't execute (all the put() and other mkdir() for deeper folders that already have been 'started'). I do catch the error but all other commands are discarded and not carried out (if I debug-jump the mkdir() when I know the folder exists, everything works fine).

So my question is, is there a way to :

A) Ignore this 'error' ("Creating directory failed: Directory already exixts")?


B) Somehow only create the directory if it doesn't exist?

I know that I can do it 'the long way', ie. scanning the whole subfolder structure on the server and act accordingly but a simpler solution would be both faster (to code) and in my opinion neater :-)


ps. I'm using WinXP, Qt and Filezilla server.

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After some looking, it seems the "Long Way" is in fact the way everyone recommends.

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