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We've an mvc3 application setup with RavenDb in the following way (with some help from NoSql with RavenDb and Asp.net MVC):

The following code is in the Global.asax

private const string RavenSessionKey = "RavenMVC.Session";
private static DocumentStore documentStore;

protected void Application_Start()
    //Create a DocumentStore in Application_Start
    //DocumentStore should be created once per 
    //application and stored as a singleton.
    documentStore = new DocumentStore { Url = "http://localhost:8080/" };
    //DI using Unity 2.0

public MvcApplication()
    //Create a DocumentSession on BeginRequest  
    //create a document session for every unit of work
    BeginRequest += (sender, args) => 
      HttpContext.Current.Items[RavenSessionKey] = documentStore.OpenSession();

    //Destroy the DocumentSession on EndRequest
    EndRequest += (o, eventArgs) =>
        var disposable = 
                HttpContext.Current.Items[RavenSessionKey] as IDisposable;

        if (disposable != null)

//Getting the current DocumentSession
public static IDocumentSession CurrentSession
  get { return (IDocumentSession)HttpContext.Current.Items[RavenSessionKey]; }

We now want to setup the application to support multitenancy. We want to have two documentstores: one for general purpose, the system database and one for the current (logged in) tennant.

Based on our current setup how do we go about achieving this?

Edit: We now configured our application as following:

We added OpenSession(tenantid) to BeginRequest on the same documentStore (thanks to the answer below from Ayende)

var tenant = HttpContext.Current.Request.Headers["Host"].Split('.')[0];
HttpContext.Current.Items[RavenSessionKey] = 

Because we are using Ninject for DI we added the following bindings to be sure we are using the right session:


kernel.Bind<IDocumentSession>().ToMethod(ctx =>        

kernel.Bind<IDocumentSession>().ToMethod(ctx =>  

Maybe there is a better way to configure multitenancy with ravendb and mvc?

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You are going to have two sessions, then. One that is the defualt (OpenSession()) and the other that is for the tenant (OpenSession(TenantId))

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Tnx, but do we call OpenSession on the same DocumentStore or do we also need a second DocumentStore? –  Andrew Flierman Mar 1 '12 at 14:09
No, one document store is enough. –  Daniel Lang Mar 1 '12 at 18:02

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