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I have a select form object in index.php. The items are gotten from mySQL. What im trying is to achieve is: Create an optgroup whenever catID = NULL. In this case Section1 and Section2 should be optgroups. But the optgroups are closed after 1 option. Any tips? screenshot:

enter image description here


catId catName
NULL --Section1--
1010 Bilar
1020 Bildelar & tillbehör
1030 Motorcycklar
1040 Motorcycklar delar & tillbehör
1050 Moped
1070 Lastbil & Truck
NULL --Section2--
2010 Bygg och Trädgår
2020 Möbler & Heminredning
2030 Husgeråd & Vitvaror
2040 Verktyg


      <?php $count = 0; ?>
      <?php foreach($categories as $category ): $count++;?>

                 <?php if($category['catId']==NULL){?>

                    <optgroup label="<?php $category['catName']?>">

                 <?php } else{ ?>

                    <option value="<?php echo $category['catId'];?>"><?php echo $category['catName'];?></option>
                    $temp = $categories[($count+1)];
                 <?php } ?>

             <?php endforeach;?>

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var_dump($categories); – Matt Mar 1 '12 at 14:10
can you be more specific? – user1012032 Mar 1 '12 at 14:35
Inspect the contents of your $categories variable to confirm it contains what it is supposed to contain. – Matt Mar 1 '12 at 14:46
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Try this :

  <?php $first_opt = TRUE; ?>

  <?php foreach($categories as $category ): ?>

             <?php if($category['catId']==NULL){?>

                <?php if($first_opt):?>
                    <optgroup label="<?php echo $category['catName']?>">
                    <?php $first_opt = FALSE;?>
                    </optgroup><optgroup label="<?php echo $category['catName']?>">                  

             <?php } else{ ?>

                <option value="<?php echo $category['catId'];?>"><?php echo $category['catName'];?></option>

             <?php } ?>

         <?php endforeach;?>
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Thank you very much :D – user1012032 Mar 1 '12 at 15:57

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