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The most common part-of-speech tagset for German is the STTS tagset. I need an English translation of the explanations for each tag. Not being a linguist I don't feel comfortable (let alone qualified) for translating this myself.

Google turned up nothing, so any help is appreciated.

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There's nothing here that is surprising if you know English linguistic terminology. If not, this may not have helped

ADJA attributive adjective [das] große [Haus] = [the] big [house] ADJD adverbial or predicative adjective [er fährt] schnell, [er ist] schnell = [he drives] quickly, [he is quick] (CB "quickly" and "quick" are both "schnell"

ADV Adverb schon, bald, doch = already, soon, doch has no English equivalent

APPR Preposition, left part of circumposition in [der Stadt], ohne [mich] APPRART Preposition with article folded in im [Haus], zur [Sache] APPO Postposition [ihm] zufolge, [der Sache] wegen APZR Right part of circumposition [von/APPR jetzt] an/APZR

ART definite or indefinite article der, die, das, ein, eine

CARD cardinal number zwei [Männer], [im Jahre] 1994

FM foreign word [Er hat das mit ``] A big fish ['' übersetzt]

ITJ interjection mhm, ach, tja

KOUI subordinating conjunction with ``zu'' and infinitive um [zu leben], anstatt [zu fragen] KOUS subordinating conjunction with sentence weil, daß, damit, wenn, ob KON coordinating conjunction und, oder, aber KOKOM comparative conjunction als, wie

NN common noun Tisch, Herr, [das] Reisen NE proper noun Hans, Hamburg, HSV

PDS demonstrative pronoun that substitutes dieser, jener PDAT demonstrative pronoun that adds an attribute jener [Mensch]

PIS indefinite pronoun that substitutes keiner, viele, man, niemand PIAT indefinite pronoun that adds an attribute, no article kein [Mensch], irgendein [Glas] PIDAT indefinite pronoun that adds an attribute, with article [ein] wenig [Wasser], [die] beiden [Brüder]

PPER non-reflexive personal pronoun ich, er, ihm, mich, dir

PPOSS substituting possessive pronoun meins, deiner PPOSAT attribute adding posessive pronoun mein [Buch], deine [Mutter]

PRELS substituting relative pronoun [der Hund ,] der PRELAT attribute adding relative pronoun [der Mann ,] dessen [Hund]

PRF reflexive personal pronoun sich, einander, dich, mir

PWS substituting interrogative pronoun wer, was PWAT attribute adding interrogative pronoun welche [Farbe], wessen [Hut] PWAV adverbial interrogative or relative pronoun warum, wo, wann, worüber, wobei

PAV pronominal adverb dafür, dabei, deswegen, trotzdem

PTKZU ``zu'' before infinitive zu [gehen] PTKNEG Negation particle nicht PTKVZ particle part of separable verb [er kommt] an, [er fährt] rad PTKANT answer particle ja, nein, danke, bitte PTKA particle associated with adverb or adjective am [schönsten], zu [schnell]

TRUNC first member of compound noun An- [und Abreise]

VVFIN full finite verb [du] gehst, [wir] kommen [an] VVIMP full imperative komm [!] VVINF full infinitive gehen, ankommen VVIZU full infinitive with "zu" anzukommen, loszulassen VVPP full past participle gegangen, angekommen VAFIN auxilliary finite verb [du] bist, [wir] werden VAIMP auxilliary imperative sei [ruhig !] VAINF auxilliary infinitive werden, sein VAPP auxilliary past participle gewesen VMFIN modal finite verb dürfen VMINF modal infinitive wollen VMPP modal past participle gekonnt, [er hat gehen] können

XY Non word with special characters in 3:7, H2O, D2XW3

\$, comma , \$. sentence ending punctuation . ? ! ; : \$( other sentence signs; sentence internal - ,

Hope that helps a bit

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Thanks a bunch. The thing is that I need this for my diploma thesis, so I want to get it right (even though it's only in the appendix). I'm probably going to leave the original German definition and just add your/mine translation as a note. –  n3rd Jun 6 '09 at 20:55

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