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one table a= {el1, el2}
where el1 is 1..10, el2 is {5..15}. 

In the table records are like [el1, el2] and also some record [el2, el1], that is they are the same, just in different collumns.

What is the best way to fetch unique el1, el2 elements? (record 1,2 is the same as 2,1)

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I'm sure that there's a more elegant solution but right now I can't think of it. The first part finds rows where you can't find a match if you reverse the columns. The second finds rows where you can find a match if you reverse the columns - and deals with the [el1, el2] pair that has the same value in each column

select t1.el1, t1.el2
from @tbl t1
where not exists (select * from @tbl t2 where t2.el1 = t1.el2 and t2.el2 = t1.el1)


select t1.el1, t1.el2
from @tbl t1
where exists (select * from @tbl t2 where t2.el1 = t1.el2 and t2.el2 = t1.el1 and t2.el1 <= t1.el1)
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I came up with a little different solution, made a union, that is table1(a,b) table2(a,b) select a,b from t1 where a<b union select b,a from t2 where a<b. Since in my case it's number, i think it worked out, with text it should work as well –  Saulius S Mar 1 '12 at 18:57
Well why not post it to help others in the future? –  kaj Mar 1 '12 at 18:58

To scrub the data (mop the floor...):

SELECT el1, el2
  FROM YourTable
SELECT el2 AS el1, el1 AS el2
  FROM YourTable;

To prevent data corruption from reoccurring (...fix the leak):

    CHECK ( el1 < el2 );
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