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I'm working on a native WP7.1 app. One requirements is to give the user the possiblity to perform a Facebook Like or Subscribe operation from within the app.

For example I show a post (not through the browser ma in xaml) and I would like to add a like button that make the user like that post on facebook (previous authentication of course). The same for Subscribe, Post and Share functionalities.

I'm trying to dig into Facebook C# SDK but I haven't found any documentation.

Do you know if it is possible and how ?


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You can use ShareLinkTask

If it's not exactly what you want (display the Facebook button), maybe you can add a WebBrowser control and display the HTML code of the button in it.

I'm not sure that's possible because I don't know if the Facebook session is shared with webbrowser controls (outside the IE application)

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Share/Post : 2 possibilities :

  • using an Facebook account on WP7 and using a ShareStatusTask only for FB

  • After authentification using a WebBrowser control you need to use a WebRequest (WebRequest.Method = "POST";) with the message.

You can choose a special wall to post your message using code like this : WebRequest request = HttpWebRequest.Create("" + ID of the Wall + "/feed");

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