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I want to do a mvn release:prepare, that will remove the "-SNAPSHOT" from the version and tag it in SVN.

I have these settings in pom.xml:


But these does not behave like i wanted. Instead it gets everything from /tags are re-tags it under /tags.

So again, what i want, take from HEAD, drop "-SNAPSHOT" and tag it under /tags

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The <scm> tag denotes read-only connection configuration ("connection" element), read-write connection ("developerConnection") and publicly visible URL. It does not have anything to do with tagging. In a small local network it's common for these 3 parameters to be the same.

For tag base, you need to configure the release plugin:

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just wanted to say that the tagBase parameter is just relevant for SVN! (CVS doesn't use it eg.)

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I am using maven-release-plugin successfully with the developerConnection pointing to trunk.

When preparing a release the tag is created under the /tags directory (the plugin also updates connection and developerConnection in the pom.xml of the tag.

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You are right, but when I am trying to execute release:perform its failure.It shows there is no pom.xml in side the target dir.Can you help me out. – JDeveloper Sep 6 '13 at 7:18

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