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I writing a program on image processing. At the moment, I have included, the image name in the program. I am trying out, if its possible, for the user to input the image, so the program is able to serve any image.

There is a way to accept user input in python, but how can i accept an image as a input, the path the leads to the image.??

first few lines of the program, looking for way, to accept the image "house1.jpg" from the user. The path for this image in my pc is "C:\Python27\house1"

import Image
#open the images
im1 = Image.open("house1.jpg").convert("L")
im2 = Image.open("house2.jpg").convert("L")


sizex, sizey = im1.size


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import sys

im1 = Image.open(sys.argv[1])

and pass the image on the command line: python script.py house1.jpg. This extends to multiple command line arguments/images in the obvious way; read about argv in the library docs.

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What you are looking for is raw_input()

The code would look like this:

 imageFileName = raw_input("enter the name of the image file: ")
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