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I'm trying to iterate through all the rows in a table named Throughput, but for a specific DeviceName (which I have stored in data['DeviceName']. I've tried the following, but it doesn't work:

for row in cursor.execute("select * from Throughput where DeviceName=%s"), %(data['DeviceName']):

EDIT: also tried this but it doesn't work:

for row in cursor.execute("select * from Throughput where(DeviceName), values(?)", (data['DeviceName']) ):

EDIT2: A snippet of my final working code:

query = "select * from Throughput where DeviceName = '%s'" % data['Device Name']
          for row in cursor.execute(query):
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"Doesn't work" how? What error or unexpected behavior do you receive? –  Andy Mar 1 '12 at 15:17

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Without knowing the type of the column DeviceName and what database server, I would quote the string that is being used to constrain DeviceName

"select * from Throughput where DeviceName='%s'" % data['DeviceName']

and see what happens.

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Thanks. That did the trick! –  Parth Gajaria Mar 1 '12 at 15:45
If data['DeviceName'] is user-supplied in any way (direct or indirect) you just opened yourself up for SQL injection attacks. Or the devicename uses quotes and this simply breaks. And it is inefficient because the driver cannot re-use the prepared query plan for the SQL statement. –  Martijn Pieters Jan 10 at 13:41

You are also able to parameterize statements:

cursor.execute("select * from Throughput where DeviceName = ?", data['DeviceName'])

This a better approach for the following reasons:

  • Protection against SQL injection (you should always validate user input regardless of whether parameterized or dynamic SQL is used)
  • You don't have to worry about escaping where clause values with single quotes since parameters are passed to the database separately
  • SQL is prepared once, subsequent executions of the query use the prepared statement instead of recompiling
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