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I have many lines like this in a sql file

VALUES (12654, 'somestuff', 'some description here', 'filename.swf', '5', 0, 1, '', '500', '300', 'filename.png', '3', '1');

I want somthing to find filename.swf and replace them with folder/filename.swf and then do the same the same for png files

I have very basic knowledge, tried to start from swf & go back to the Apostrophe before the filename , I think the following code does the contrary:


It starts from the 1st Apostrophe in the line & ends with swf

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You need to exclude apostrophes from the "any-character" bit. If Notepad++ uses PCREs, I believe it would be:

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Cool that worked! I did it this way: Find: \'([^']*swf) Replace with: 'folder/\1 Thanks for the fast response! –  user117488 Jun 4 '09 at 17:16

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