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I'm trying to get started with setting up unit tests using a MySQL database and I'm running into this exception:


Argument 1 passed to PHPUnit_Extensions_Database_DataSet_DefaultTableIterator::__construct() must be an array, null given.

I don't know what I could be missing

My Unit Test Code:

class DBTest extends Generic_Tests_DatabaseTestCase {
    public function getDataSet() {
        $dataSet = $this->createMySQLXMLDataSet(dirname(__FILE__)."/../db/t_enroll_fixtures.xml");
        return $dataSet;

    public function setUp() {
        $this->X = $this->getMock('\X\Engine\X');
        $this->model = new Model($this->X, 't_users');
        $this->className = get_class($this->model);

    public function tearDown() {
        $this->X = NULL;
        $this->model = NULL;

    public function testMagicFields() {
        $this->assertEquals(10, $this->getConnection()->getRowCount('t_enroll'));

The Generic_Test_DatabaseTestCase Class:

require_once "PHPUnit/Extensions/Database/TestCase.php";
abstract class Generic_Tests_DatabaseTestCase extends PHPUnit_Extensions_Database_TestCase {

    // only instantiate pdo once for test clean-up/fixture load
    static private $pdo = null;
    // only instantiate PHPUnit_Extensions_Database_DB_IDatabaseConnection once per test
    private $conn = null;

    final public function getConnection() {
        if($this->conn === null) {
            if(self::$pdo == null) {
                self::$pdo = new PDO($GLOBALS['DB_DSN'], $GLOBALS['DB_USER'], $GLOBALS['DB_PASSWD']);
            $this->conn = $this->createDefaultDBConnection(self::$pdo, $GLOBALS['DB_DBNAME']);

        return $this->conn;


What am I missing?

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Related Question:… – Jeremy Harris Mar 1 '12 at 15:09
@cillosis This question is spot-on regarding the error message I'm receiving, but the solution for the OP appears to be very Zend-specific. Could you perhaps shed some more light on how I could use this question to help me? – Levi Hackwith Mar 1 '12 at 15:20
@LeviHackwith I am having the same issue, and not using Zend. I already have the database name in my xml document. Did you come up with a different solution, or did that fix it for you? Thanks. – GreeKatrina Mar 24 '15 at 16:16

I had the same problem. The reason was, that the XML fixture was generated by MySQLDump and someone removed the <database name="xyz"> node. This turned $this->tables in PHPUnit into NULL instead Array

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This happened to me after I added a schema location for the mysqldump like

<mysqldump xmlns="mysqldump"
           xsi:schemaLocation="mysqldump mysqldump.xsd ">

After I removed the namespace, it worked:

<mysqldump xmlns:xsi="">
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