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My question is rather simple.

Has anybody here successfully used the publish function of Visual Studio 2010 to publish a web app to a Windows 7 computer running the default IIS?

I have struggled for who knows how long to try to get this working and am starting to wonder if it is at all possible!?!?

To test I have done things right, I whacked a Server 2008 VM up and following some articles, and managed to get the deploy working rather easily on the 2008 server.

So is there any thing special I need to do on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine? or am I wasting my time because it is not possible?

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What does "running the default IIS" mean? Win7/sp1 uses IIS 7.5, the same bits as Win08/R2/SP1. – RickAnd - MSFT Mar 20 '12 at 21:04

Have a look at the blog post Test your ASP.NET MVC or WebForms Application on IIS 7 in 30 seconds, which provides all the steps to get a VS 2010 web app running on IIS on Windows 7. You'll need to open your Windows 7 Firewall to HTTP traffic to browse the app from another computer, but that's covered in the blog post.

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Sorry for late reply, will have a look when I get the chance. Tx – Neill Apr 2 '12 at 14:19

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