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I have probabbly a eal probleme with array . I have a request : in my model

 public function getHomme ($limit ,$offset)
     $this->db->join('gnr_convenir', 'gnr_convenir.identifiant_chaussure = chaussure.id');
     $this->db->join('images', 'images.id_chaussure = chaussure.id');
     $this->db->join('marques', 'marques.idmarques = chaussure.identifiant_marques');
     $this->db->join('fermeture', 'fermeture.idfermeture = chaussure.identifiant_fermeture');
     $this->db->join('style', 'style.idstyle = chaussure.identifiant_style');
     $this->db->join('talon', 'talon.idtalon = chaussure.identifiant_talon');
     $this->db->join('doublure', 'doublure.iddoublure = chaussure.identifiant_doublure');
     $this->db->join('materiauSemelle', 'materiauSemelle.idmateriauSemelle = chaussure.identifiant_semelle');
     $this->db->join('dessus', 'dessus.iddessus = chaussure.identifiant_dessus');
     $this->db->where('identifiant_genre', 1);  
     $this->db->order_by("id", "desc");

     $query = $this->db->get();

     $ligne= $query->num_rows();

         foreach($query->result()as $row)
             $data[] = $row; 

         $data['ligne'] = $ligne;

         return $data;

so here I need 2 things: one the object on data and the other is $ligne (number of rows )

so it seems like this when I try to make var_dump($data)

'rows' => 
  0 => 
      public 'id' => string '89' (length=2)
      public 'nom' => string 'zoro' (length=4)
      public 'prix' => string '12460.00' (length=8)

  1 => 
      public 'id' => string '87' (length=2)
      public 'nom' => string 'adizero' (length=7)
      public 'prix' => string '124000.00' (length=9)

  'ligne' => int 2

but when I try to write:

var_dump($data['ligne']) in my controller

I have an error message

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined index: ligne

Filename: controllers/client.php

Line Number: 143


I need those 2 data in my view, so in my view I thought to use $ligne like this:

$numberLigne = $ligne ; 
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Please attempt to properly format your code so it's readable by others. –  Colin Mar 1 '12 at 15:27

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As a test, could you echo ligne in your model to make sure that your join query is working right? I have no way of knowing without seeing your full table.

Also, any reason why you use:


Instead of

 if($ligne > 0):

Being that you just set that variable?

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