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I will be going back to work after a 7 year break from a QA job. All of my past QA experience has been on PC/Microsoft platforms (windows, .net, SQL Server...) I expect to land in a similar role but I am not excluding other options. I'm just being practical. I would like to learn a scripting language that would compliment my experience without limiting my options. I relied heavily on SQL skills in the past and feel I have a strength in this area. I'm expecting to use scripting to execute tasks like adding test data to a database, comparing files, and maybe GUI test automation.

What do you think would be a scripting language to learn that would make me marketable?

Do you have successful QA at your company and if so what tools do they use?

I have been dabbling with Ruby but however, I do not see much demand for Ruby (for QA) in the want adds.

Edited to change Title to remove 'best' as this is too subjective.

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Asking for "the best" is sufficient grounds to close the question because there is no single "best". Perhaps you can ask for examples of scripting languages and how they are used in QA. You might still end up with a closed question, but at least try to give us a question that has objective rather than subjective answers. – Bryan Oakley Mar 1 '12 at 18:52

There is no best. However, here are some languages and how they are used:

Python is the language used to implement the robot framework, which is a nice cross platform, cross language testing framework.

Tcl has a long history of being used by QA. It is great for writing DSLs for testing. And, of course, Tcl is the core language used by Expect, the gold standard of tools that interact with tty based applications.

Ruby is the language of cucumber, another popular testing framework.

Groovy is a great scripting language if you are working on a JVM. easyb is an example of a testing tool that uses groovy.

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C#, Ruby and Python in that order (based on my own observations during job searching and experience in the industry and not on any specific usage data) are probably the most common languages for test code. C# and Python have the added benefit of also being often used for non test code.

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