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I'm using the new JBoss 7.1 which implements the full Java EE 6 standard and Eclipse Indigo.

Is it possible to get all the Javadoc for the EE Api working in Eclipse?

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While the above solution does work, I am personally looking for a smoother solution.

So far I've gathered that for each jboss jar under the build path, I can reference the following url (or as Tiberiu stated, the location where you downloaded the docs):

This works fine. But there are approximately 10-15 libraries referenced in a given java ee project. Adding the above url to each library, for every new java ee project seems ridiculous to me.

I should think there is a way to specify where "the javadoc for the entire jboss 7 runtime" is located, not just for the individual libraries. Currently I'm still searching, but if anyone knows how to do this please enlighten me.

It just occured to me, the location i specify for one projects javadoc, might be retained for a new EE project. I'll check and get back with my findings.

UPDATE: Sure enough, it would seem the javadoc specified for one project persists for new ee projects too. So we're good :)

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You could add Javadoc for any of the libraries that you are using in your Eclipse Projects. Right click on your project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path.

Now, on your Libraries tab, expand the jar that you are using(look for the Java EE jar). Expand it and you should see 4 sections (Source, Javadoc, Native Library, Access Rules). Click on Javadoc then you can edit (or just double-click Javadoc) and a dialog is brought up. Not navigate to the locations of the javadoc. It should contain a index.html in the root. Also you can validate it before clicking ok. Now that you linked the javadoc directory, click ok.

That should work

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Well, I'm using JBoss7.1 and I dont have a single JavaEE.jar. Jboss7 has several jar archives in different directories. I couldn't find any JavaDoc for it. I hoped I could tell Eclipse where it would find the JavaEE javadoc and automatically link it to the classes. – T3rm1 Mar 2 '12 at 9:17

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