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If a user visits could this point to another server/IP without changing the actual URL the user sees? This means that every request after that must pass to the other server while sending all the post/get data so that must work as if it was

edit: all this is because the registrant doesn't allow to manage DNS records or even create subdomains.

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Nope, this is not possible - you'd have to make Apache act as a Proxy for this to work, and this brings other problems:

  • All traffic would have to run through both sites

  • On shared hosting, you probably won't be allowed to do this

  • REMOTE_ADDR, cookies and other things would no longer work as expected

the best you can do is create a set of RewriteRules that will do header redirects to the target domain. However, in that scenario, the target domain/IP will always be visible to the end user.

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