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How can you get the bundle's name from an entity?

is there any function or service to get this?

$artist = new Artist();

$bundleName = artist->getBundleName();

echo  $bundleName 


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I found a solution but don't know if it's a good one :

    $rootEntityName = "company\myNamespace\Entity\user";

    $bundles = $context->get('kernel')->getBundles();
    $bundleName = '';

    foreach($bundles as $type=>$bundle){
        $className = get_class($bundle);

        $entityClass = substr($rootEntityName,0,strpos($rootEntityName,'\\Entity\\'));

        if(strpos($className,$entityClass)=== FALSE){
            echo get_class($bundle).'<br>';
            echo $type.'<br>';
            $bundleName = $type;
    echo $bundleName;
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I prefer this solution :

 * Get the bundle name from an Entity namespace
 * @return string
 * @author lenybernard
protected static function getBundleNameFromEntity($entityNamespace, $bundles)
    $dataBaseNamespace = substr($entityNamespace, 0, strpos($entityNamespace, '\\Entity\\'));
    foreach ($bundles as $type => $bundle) {
        $bundleRefClass = new \ReflectionClass($bundle);
        if ($bundleRefClass->getNamespaceName() === $dataBaseNamespace) {
            return $type;

Nota bene : the $bundles variable is the result of calling the getBundles() method on the kernel service.

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