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I'm developing a Kiosk-Mode Application and I want to prevent the notification center gesture (swipe down from top). Since the Application isn't distributed using the AppStore private APIs are allowed.

I have skimmed through the UIKit class dump but did not find any hints on how to disable it (resp. don't know where to look, tried UIApplication and UIWindow).

Has anyone tried this yet and had success?

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It may be a little tricky, cause you are trying to disable native iOS function like all-fingers swipe gesture on iPad and so on. Some people use this method to define different notification center swipe side:

statusBarHidden = YES

and then you can redefine side:


as example.

I think you couldn't find any hacks to prevent iOS notification from showing at all. As last approach you can get some profit from dealing with jaiblroken features on unlocked devices...

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