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i have the following problem: I tried to post sth. to Facebook by using ACTION_SEND Intent to pass a String to the Facebook application.

Now I know this is currently not possible.

I don't want to code my own Facebook login, logout, session handling stuff in my application.

Question is: If someone has the Facebook App installed and is logged in, can I use the authentification information to post sth. on his Facebook wall?

Or, what is the easiest way to get sth. posted?


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I would recommend using the Spring Social Facebook library. It will take care of all the OAuth stuff for you and provide you with a nice Facebook API you can interact with. The API allows you to do a lot more things than just post.

The downside is you have to install the jar files with your app and do a little setup. There is a good example of how to do this for Android in the spring-android-showcase-client in the spring-android-samples project.

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is there no way to use the original installed facebook app ? –  matthias Mar 1 '12 at 18:16

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