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Continuing on with my Python learning, I just installed Komodo edit, are there any recommended add ins/extensions that I should include? Any recommendations on using it or another GUI designer (TkInter base)?

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If you want to use Komodo, integrate it with Pylint as stated here (I do not know if it works with Komodo Edit, I have run it with Komodo then). It is a code checker, very useful for dynamic language like Python.

Also, there is GUI Builder, which is not an "add-in" but "add-out", it was already part of the Komodo, but it has been released as open source.

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Komodo extension: Tab trigger for Abbreviations (http://community.activestate.com/xpi/tab-abbreviations). Can't live without it anymore.

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Komodo edit is just a text editor.

For gui design I suggest Glade-3. It is specially juicy.

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try using eclipse instead with PyDev.

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I use to install MoreKomodo and TweakUI after putting Komodo on some machine for me.

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