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For the past 4 months or so we've been happily using this query:

SELECT * FROM 2066206 ORDER BY ST_DISTANCE(geometry, LATLNG(51.5081289,-0.12800500000003012))

It now returns zero rows. If I change it to the following it works fine:

SELECT * FROM 2066206 ORDER BY geometry

Is there currently an issue with the ST_DISTANCE function?

This is function is documented on

The 'geometry' field is a Google location field based on our lat + lng columns. For this example the lat lng is what Google returns for "London".

Really appreciate any possible insights.

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It seems to be working for me now:*+FROM+2066206+ORDER+BY+ST_DISTANCE(geometry,+LATLNG(51.5081289,-0.12800500000003012))

Are you still having issues?

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Thanks Kathryn. You're right it has started working again. Pretty odd, the ST_DISTANCE function has been returning zero rows all day so something behind the Fusion Table scenes must have been fixed. – Ben Mar 1 '12 at 23:52

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