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Is there a way for the assembly/file version of a mixed mode assembly to be displayed in windows explorer? I'm trying to investigate some versioning issues and it would be much quicker if I could just glance at the version numbers of assemblies.

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C++/CLI projects need an old Win32 .rc file to achieve this (AssemblyInfo.cpp's info is only embedded in the manifest and thus can't be seen by Windows Explorer, IIRC). Right-click your project in Visual Studio's solution explorer, Add->Resource->Version. I just tried it with one of our C++/CLI projects, which use unmanaged code and are built with the /clr switch.

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Great, worked perfectly! – Akash Mar 1 '12 at 17:00

Add the relevant column (File Version, for example) by right-clicking on the headers in detail view, and selecting More... option.

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