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I'm trying to define a function for the NodeList object. This is the code:

if (!NodeList.prototype.filter){
  NodeList.prototype.filter = function(fun /*, thisp*/){
    var len = this.length;
    if (typeof fun != "function")
      throw new TypeError();
    var res = new Array();
    var thisp = arguments[1];
    for (var i = 0; i < len; i++){
      if (i in this){
        var val = this[i]; // in case fun mutates this
        if (fun.call(thisp, val, i, this))
  return res;

This works in Chrome, but not in Firefox. Firebug says "current_node.childNodes.filter is not a function" when I call the function:

nodes = current_node.childNodes.filter(filterByClass);

The weird thing is that this code:

if(typeof NodeList.prototype.filter == 'function')

displays the function's code in both browsers.

It's being used in a HTML, and it's being included like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="textselection.js"></script>

EDIT: The Firefox version is 10.0.2 and the S.O. Ubuntu 11.04

EDIT2: I had forgotten one important factor... it's being used whithin an iframe

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Works fine for me. – squint Mar 1 '12 at 16:45
Me too: jsfiddle.net/Ewupb – gilly3 Mar 1 '12 at 16:46
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Changes made to an object's prototype in one frame are not reflected in other frames. You'll need to include your script in every frame where you want to extend NodeList.prototype.

Remember that NodeList === window.NodeList and, in a frame, window !== top. So, in a frame, window.NodeList !== top.NodeList.

Interestingly, for instantiable objects, like Date, you can still take advantage of the prototype, provided you instantiate the object by first referencing the frame with the extended prototype. For example, if your parent frame extended Date to have a .format() method, you could do something like this from a child frame:

var nowString = new parent.Date().format("MM/dd/yyyy h:mm:ss.fff TT");
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This is a very strange quirk I came across today. It seems like Firefox and Chrome don't like functions named 'filter' in HTMLCollection and NodeList particularly, although these prototypes don't seem to be using that name anyway. I renamed my custom functions to 'filt' and everything worked like charm. Btw, Safari was fine with 'filter'.

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This works in Firefox and Chrome and it's simpler:

NodeList.prototype.myfilter = Array.prototype.filter;

Example: to get all divs with an id attribute:

document.querySelectorAll("div").myfilter(function(el){return el.id || 0;})

However, you need to define myfilter on each frame where you are using it.

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