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I am trying to remove the LAST double-quote from every line of a file. I am very new to sed, and I think sed can easily do this, but cannot figure out the proper syntax. Can anyone assist? THanks!

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$ sed 's/\(.*\)"/\1/'
aaa"bbb              <-- Input
aaabbb               <-- Output
aaa"bbb"ccc          <-- Input
aaa"bbbccc           <-- Output
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Thanks very much! This works great! I was very close, but not close enough to work. Thanks again! –  David Bullock Mar 1 '12 at 17:49

i guess you want to delete only the last occurrence of double quote in each line:

see the test:

kent$  cat t.txt
asdfasdfsadf   ix"    "    000

kent$  sed -r 's/"([^"]*$)/\1/' t.txt
asdfasdfsadf   ix"        000
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