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I am trying to dynamically choose which item from a drop down menu is selected. The drop down menu is initially hidden and then the display is changed when the user clicks on a button to show the menu.

I have the following:

<select name="statusFilter" style="display:none" id="statusFilter" tabindex="202"        onchange="updateFilter(); saveFilter('ingest.workflow.status', document.getElementById('statusFilter').value);">                                 
   <option<c:if test="${model.statusFilter=='0'}"> selected="selected" </c:if> value="0"><fmt:message key="all.workflow.instances"/></option>
   <option<c:if test="${model.statusFilter=='failed.instances'}"> selected="selected" </c:if> value="failed.instances"><fmt:message key="failed.instances"/></option>
   <option<c:if test="${model.statusFilter=='completed.instances'}"> selected="selected" </c:if>  value="completed.instances"><fmt:message key="completed.instances"/></option>

And the display attribute is changed from a javascript function which shows the menu no problem. The source after the javascript is:

<select name="statusFilter" style="" id="statusFilter" tabindex="202" onchange="updateFilter(); saveFilter('ingest.workflow.status', document.getElementById('statusFilter').value);">
   <option value="0">All Workflow Instances</option>
   <option selected="selected" value="failed.instances">Failed Instances Only</option>
   <option value="completed.instances">Completed Instances Only</option>

But the first option is the option from the menu that is always selected in this case. I obviously want the option with select="selected" to be the selected option.

Can anyone help?

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its working fine.. can you show us the javascript methos ??? –  dku.rajkumar Mar 1 '12 at 17:14
JSP and JavaScript does not run in sync. JSP generates HTML. JavaScript works on HTML. –  BalusC Mar 1 '12 at 17:24
The javascript that acts on this is: document.getElementById("statusFilter").show(); document.getElementById("divisionForStatus").show(); –  Fraser Mar 2 '12 at 9:07

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