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Sorry for the complicated title.

Screenshot here:



  • Do a "Find in Files" search in VS.
  • Double click on one of the results.
  • The line in the editor window is highlighted with dark blue (in my case).
  • The highlight does not go away unless I do another "Find in Files" search and click on another result.

The problems:

  • The highlight is too dark/overpowering.
  • I can't see other highlights (like selecting text, or even where my cursor is).
  • I want the highlight to go away while I'm editing the file.

So my questions:

  • Can I change the color of this highlight to something less powerful? (a nice light gray perhaps) I can't seem to tell which of the color-coding options changes this one.
  • Can I clear this highlight somehow while editing (without needing to do another search)
  • Can I disable this highlighting completely?


PS. I'm not interested in the line-highlight color in the "Find Results" window itself - just the highlight that appears in my text-editor window after I double-click on one of the results.

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Try changing your color settings.

Tools -> Options -> Fonts and Colors

Select "Show settings for: Find Results Window" and change the "Current List Location" background color.


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AHH! That was it, thanks so much! –  Rocketmonkeys Mar 3 '12 at 6:37

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