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I am giving out a website that another company is 'framing'. I am setting a session variable which is being blocked through IE's security of third-party cookies through the 'framed' page. I'm being told that P3P is the recommended solution and from what I can find, it seems to match my issue.

I've found plenty of resources for utilizing p3p. Almost all resources point to IBM's tool, http://alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/p3peditor, which is a dead link. I've also seen some websites, such as http://www.awardsites.com/tutorials/w3c/p3p_privacy-01.htm, which list out some steps and source code but I am unable to generate that p3p file.


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I've always used IBMs tool, but it seems to have been removed from AlphaWorks.

P3P is a little defunct, as Mozilla removed support for it, IBM basically say "don't use it" and the only browser that has anywhere near sensible support is IE. I've created the P3P files for years, because it used to be the case that AOL in particular, with it's browser modifications to IE and high security requirements caused problems without it. But does that happen anymore?

The file name for download was p3pExecutableJar.zip, at the time of writing, I found a source for it, whether that stays up, or is allowed up is unknown, it was never open source. There are commercial alternatives and some websites to make them online. It can be done by hand without too much bother, it's just XML files after all.

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While it may be a little defunct, IE still requires it for setting cookies in an iframe and some cross-site scripting. –  Sam Jan 3 '13 at 21:58
@Sam: I still tend to add them to websites, just in case anyone still makes use of it. There are a lot of older browsers about for a start. –  Orbling Jan 3 '13 at 22:14

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