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If I have a multi-resolution icon file (.ico), how can I insure that WPF picks the right sized one? Does setting the width and height of the Image force it, or does WPF simply resize the first icon in the ico file?

This is what I'm using currently (it works, but I'd like to avoid the resizing if that's what's happening).

    <Image Source="MyIcons.ico" Width="16" Height="16"  />

I'd like to declare this in Xaml if possible without having to code for it.

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I use simple Markup Extension for that:

  /// <summary>
  /// Simple extension for ico, let you choose icon with specific size.
  /// Usage sample: Image Stretch="None" Source="{common:Icon /ControlsTester;component/icons/custom-reports.ico, 16}"
  /// Or: Image Source="{common:Icon Source={Binding IconResource},Size=16} "
  /// </summary> 
  public class IconExtension : MarkupExtension
    private string source;

    public string Source
        return this.source;

        // Have to make full pack URI from short form, so System.Uri can regognize it.
        this.source = "pack://application:,,," + value;

    public int Size { get; set; }


    #region Методы

    public override object ProvideValue(IServiceProvider serviceProvider)
      var decoder = BitmapDecoder.Create(new Uri(this.Source), BitmapCreateOptions.DelayCreation, BitmapCacheOption.OnDemand);

      var result = decoder.Frames.SingleOrDefault(f => f.Width == this.Size);
      if (result == default(BitmapFrame))
        result = decoder.Frames.OrderBy(f => f.Width).First();
      return result;

    public IconExtension(string source, int size)
      this.Source = source;
      this.Size = size;

    public IconExtension() { }

Xaml usage:

<Image Stretch="None" Source="{common:Icon Source={Binding IconResource},Size=16}"/>


<Image Stretch="None" DockPanel.Dock="Top" Source="{common:Icon /ControlsTester;component/icons/custom-reports.ico, 16}"></Image>
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I make a mistake. You can't set property in Markup Extension with binding (so can't be <Image Stretch="None" Source="{common:Icon Source={Binding IconResource},Size=16}"/>) But you can easily write similar converter, that can be used with binding: <Image Stretch="None" Source="{Binding Path=IconPath, Converter={StaticResource IconConverter},ConverterParameter=128}"></Image> –  Nikolay Aug 11 '11 at 11:55

It doesn't appear to be possible using Xaml only.

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Thats really unfortunately but thanks for the brutal honesty, it's better than no answer at all. –  jpierson May 12 '10 at 15:10

If the reason you're asking is that the icon looks blurry to you, check out this very good article on the topic that I used to solve that problem: http://blogs.msdn.com/dwayneneed/archive/2007/10/05/blurry-bitmaps.aspx

You will have to use a custom control that not only sizes the icon exactly, but ensures that it coincides exactly with the pixel grid. Only then will you avoid interpolation and therefore blurriness.

Trying to find some info on your query about image size selection in icons...will post back if I find any...

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Well, it's only blurry in the sense that the image was rescaled. I'm just really curious on how to pick the right image from a multi-image, multi-resolution .ico file in Xaml. –  SergioL Jun 5 '09 at 19:07

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