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I'm looking for the equivalent PowerShell command for:

tar -zcvf tar-archive-name.tar.gz source-folder

Does such a one-liner exist that creates a zip file from a folder recursively adding the contents of the source-folder, that doesn't require a 3rd party library like 7-zip?

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There is no one liner solution without a third party program like 7-zip. However, you can leverage the built in zipping capabilities of windows explorer as exposed through the COM Shell object to build your own powershell function to do this. This page outlines the details on how to do so.

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Actually, there is a one-line equivalent that creates zip archives, and there is even a one-liner to create an exact match, i.e. a tar file. The first place you should look for such a library function is PowerShell Community Extensions, providing a wealth of high-quality library extensions to PowerShell. Unfortunately, a web-search for a specific item, like your zip creation function, would likely not turn up anything because nowhere on the site or in the documentation do they include a list of the cmdlets and functions provided! To find out you have to install the library then do help about_pscx. Sifting through that, here is what you will find relevant to your question:

    Create ZIP format archive files from pipline or parameter input. 
    Create GNU ZIP (GZIP) format files from pipeline or parameter input. 
    Create Tape Archive (TAR) format files from pipeline or parameter input. 

And here, from their embedded examples, are how you might use them:

PS> dir c:\logs\ -rec -inc *.log | write-zip -level 9 -removeoriginal
PS> dir c:\logs\ -rec -inc *.log | write-tar -output logs.tar | write-gzip -level 9 | move-item c:\archived_logs\
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These functions are currently broken in PSCX 2.1 and up. No ETA on fix. – Encryption Oct 28 '14 at 2:42

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