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I want to generate a Makefile from an existing Xcode project on the Mac. Specifically, an existing iPhone, Objective-C program on the Mac.

I found PBToMake, but it looks like it is for Xcode 2.1 and when I tried using it, it did not work for an Xcode 3.1 project.

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Why do you want to generate a makefile? Saying so might help get you a better answer. – Chris Hanson Sep 20 '08 at 2:04

GNUStep provides 'pbxbuild' to convert a .xcodeproj file into a GNUMakefile.

UPDATE: pbxbuild is now deprecated

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It's not an automated way of generating a Makefile, but I found it at least gets a list of source files that are built for a target.

I'm using XCode 4.0.2 in this case..

  • select the project top node
  • select the target in the target list.
  • Choose "Build Phases"
  • Open the "Compile Sources"
  • Select one of the source files
  • PRess Command-A to select all
  • Press Command-C to copy
  • Paste in your favorite text editor and Regex away to restructure.

The pasted output is FULL pathnames to each source file.

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To build your project outside of the IDE, check out the xcodebuild command-line tool.

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This looks like it builds a project, but doesn't convert an existing project to a standard makefile like the questioner asked. Am I mistaken in this? If so, would you mind editing editing your answer to include how you can use xcodebuild to generate the makefile? – rck Sep 22 '08 at 22:53
It doesn't generate a makefile - there isn't a way to do so. Usually when I've heard people ask "How do I generate a makefile?" it's because they want to build their project from the command line, and just start out assuming that's the way to do so. – Chris Hanson Oct 1 '08 at 10:11
-1 because you didn't answer the original question and just assumed that the asker wanted to build from a CLI. I am looking for Xcode->Makefile converters because I want to try to build a project on Linux using GNUStep. Please don't assume the OP accidentally posed a question he didn't mean, or if you're going to, at least be explicit in the answer text that you are doing so. – cookiecaper Nov 7 '10 at 7:44
Did you see the part where I asked the OP - two years ago - to clarify why they wanted to generate a Makefile? – Chris Hanson Nov 7 '10 at 8:02
...so? You still provided an answer that was irrelevant to the original question. It is nice that you helped some, but as I stated above, it would have been better if you had been explicit and said "This doesn't build a makefile, but if you just want to build from the CLI instead of Xcode..." – cookiecaper Nov 13 '10 at 20:43

You could try mfg. It is template based and I think (I haven't played with it too much) you could get it to generate a suitable makefile.

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