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The mac where I wrote my app is broken and so I cant access the code anymore. I uploaded it to my iTunes Connect account already. Is there a way to download the binaries from my account again?

I googled for solutions but it seams that this doesnt happen often

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As far as I know, there isn't a way to download the ipa (which is what's submitted to Apple) via iTunesConnect. However, it is possible to download the .ipa using iTunes.

Note, however, that the ipa will include resources (images, sound assets, etc), but the source code (.h, .m., etc) will be in a compiled format. Unfortunately, AFAIK, there is no way to download the source code in a non-compiled format via either iTunes or iTunesConnect.

Still, the assets alone may be useful in recreating a project. To download the ipa, try this:

1) Find and download your app using iTunes on your Mac. This will download the .ipa that you uploaded.

2) Open Finder > Goto Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications (under Mac OSX 10.8.2, possibly within another directory under different versions of OSX)

3) Copy and paste your .ipa to another location, such as the Desktop (so it doesn't confuse iTunes)

4) Unzip the .ipa (Right click on the .ipa > Open With > Archive Utility/The Unarchiver/similar unzip program)

5) In the unzipped directory, you'll find your app under "Payload" > Your_App_Name.app

6) Right click on your .app file > Show Package Contents

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How was this ever voted up? The OPP asked how to download a ipa from itunes connect and you never touched any of that. –  jahrichie Feb 18 at 3:53
@jahrichie, it was up voted because someone found it useful, so I'm leaving it here. However, I've edited my answer to reflect that, AFAIK, you can't download the ipa file via iTunesConnect (as of the current date). If you know a way to do such, please submit your own answer. Otherwise, it is possible to download the ipa via iTunes. Still, this is only useful if you're interested in only the assets (also reflected in revised answer). –  JRG-Developer Feb 18 at 5:06

If I remember well, the app you send to iTunes Connect doesn't have the source code (you send an archive). So it would be useless to download it.

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