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I'm trying to find out if I can trigger a new window when the play button is pressed on an html5 audio player.

Here's what my client wants:

  • Press "play" on the html5 audio player on a page
  • Song plays and a new, sized window pops up displaying the lyrics of the song

My brain immediately wants to treat the play button like an on.click behavior that would trigger a window.open... but I can't find if this is possible.

By the way, using a Flash player is not an option in this situation.

Bonus: A way to do this using the WordPress plugin PowerPress..?

Many thanks!

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An HTML5 video player emits a play JavaScript event when the video starts playing. You can add an event listener for it, or add an onplay attribute to the <video> tag.


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My inquiry is specifically about the HTML5 audio player, not the video player. Is there a comparable media event in the audio player? I assume so, but couldn't find html5-specific documentation on w3.org. Thanks! –  Matthew Wayne Selznick Mar 1 '12 at 19:06

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