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var str='userkwd* type:"Office"';

How do I trim or substr or slice this string to only get 'userkwd'? Also the variable will have quotes as part of it..This one is tricky as if there is no userkwd .i.e. if

var str=' type:"Office"';

it should return null. The * gets appended with userkwd from inputbox..

str.slice(0,str.indexOf('*'));  ???

str.split("*")[0];   ????

str.substring(0, str.indexOf('*'));   ???

Which one?

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str.replace(/\*? type.*/, '');
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The answer is trivial. Think if userkwd can contain " ", for example "user kwd". If so, then you cannot use split(" "). If userkwd could contain additional * like user*kwd then you cannot use this character. If the keyword could contain both spaces and * then you should use different method, for example some more complicated regular expression, but try to evalute your suggested methods first.

By the way, in the scenario you have given var str=' type:"Office"'; there is no userkwd at all, there is also no *, so you definitely should not use * if this is valid example. Space seaprator however holds, so I would go for it if possible.

You can also try to find the last occurance of "type:" and get everything what is before it, if empty then change it to null, or something like this. There are really a lot of possibilities, we do not have enough information why you need this functionality and what could be the input...

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