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my scenario is Appengine/python/jinja/twitter-bootstrap and in this code...

{% for VMS in VEP.vms_set %}
    <td>{% include 'butt_vms.html' %}</td>
{% endfor %}


<div class="modal" id="delvms">
    <div class="modal-header">
    <div class="modal-body">    
        <p>Are you sure?</p>
    <div class="modal-footer">
        <a class="btn btn-danger" href="delete?item={{ VMS.key() }}">delete</a>
        <a class="btn" href="#" data-dismiss="modal">No</a>

<div class="btn-group"> 
    <a class="btn" href="delete?item={{ VMS.key() }}"><i class="icon-trash"></i></a>
    <a class="btn" data-toggle="modal" href="#delvms"><i class="icon-trash"></i></a>

...i don't know why this buttons work different: the first delete the related row (it's ok) while the second delete ever and only the first row in the table. Suggestions?

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Well, it looks like every modal added to the page is going to have the same id="delvms". Based on that, I'm also guessing that your buttons for showing/hiding the modals aren't keyed to a specific modal since they need to reference the modal by its id attribute with the data-target or href attribute on the button.

The Bootstrap Modal section here indicates that you can use the href or data-target attribute to toggle a modal, examples: data-target="#myModalId" or href="#myModalId".

So, you need to be building both the button href/data-target and modal id attributes during runtime to ensure that each button is linked to the correct modal.

P.S. an alternative to adding X number of modals to the page would be to add just one modal and build the button's onclick attribute at run-time to call a custom function that sets the modal data according to the button that was clicked and then open the modal. I went this route, which is the only reason I'm offering it up as an alternative (not necessarily better) solution.

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