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Is there any way with the Revit API to retrieve the faces of a CompoundStructureLayer?

Here is my current "extract layers" code:

CompoundStructure compoundStructure = wall.WallType.GetCompoundStructure();

IList<CompoundStructureLayer> layers = compoundStructure.GetLayers();

foreach (CompoundStructureLayer layer in layers)
    // Retrieve Faces

And this is the current get faces code:

GeometryElement geo = wall.get_Geometry(opt);
GeometryObjectArray objects = geo.Objects;
foreach (GeometryObject obj in objects)
    Solid solid = obj as Solid;
    if (solid != null)
        FaceArray fa = solid.Faces;
        // Do face stuff

I can't convert a CompoundStructureLayer to an Element type.. how can I extract the face info?

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Are you sure CompoundStructureLayer has a faces? Wall has a faces. CompoundStructureLayer in the wall is the one of materials that wall consists. Please explain that do you want to get. –  Victor Chekalin Mar 2 '12 at 3:13
I'm trying to get the Reference object of the CompoundStructureLayer, so I can create a Dimension using the layer info. Revit already does this in the UI (New Dimensions -> Faces of Core) –  Israel Rodriguez Mar 2 '12 at 13:29

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