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I have a table with a request log. In there is a column with referers. Now in order to see what domains refer the most requests I want to add a new column with the host of the referer.

That is no problem for the new entries but how do I update every row without an entry in the new row to have the host from the referer?

Is there an easy way to do this in MySQL or how di I solve it in PHP?

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can you give us some sample database rows? – Erik Ekman Mar 1 '12 at 18:50

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$oldRows = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM logs_requests WHERE host_ref = ''");
while($row = mysql_Fetch_array($oldRows))
 $host = parse_url($row['url_ref'], PHP_URL_HOST); 
 mysql_query("UPDATE logs_requests SET host_ref='$host' WHERE id='{$row['id']}'");

This php code fetch all the rows with empty host_ref field, then it takes the host ( from the url_ref ( with the parse_url function. After that , there's an update query which updates the host field.

NOTICE: Customize this code according to your db scheme.

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