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I have two custom dropdown lists that have the same markup. I need to have only one show at a time. Right now, I'm able to open both at the same time. Both should also close when I click off the list.

The same markup for both lists is required, so I can't use unique ID's or additional classes to make this happen.

Here is a link to my fiddle example:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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Consider adding a data attribute such as 'active' via jquery when you click on one of them, then hide all those that have that attribute.

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$('.custom-select').eq(0).hide() will hide the first one.

Use .show() instead of .hide() to show (obviously) and change the index to (1) to get the second one.

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I believe the OP means that opening #2 will close #1. – pimvdb Mar 1 '12 at 18:56
Yes - and unless they're unfamiliar with JS completely, they should be able to figure out the rest. – Diodeus Mar 1 '12 at 18:59

First thought would be if you could wrap a span or div around either or both and use that to get around the "same markup" limitation. Other than that, though, I'd suggest using order in page - use .next() and .prev() to get between them, and something like




to select them from outside.

edit: if you can run them off of something like an onmouseover, onchange, or whatnot, it's even easier - the one that's changing will be passed into the function as the "this" parameter. Just hide both, and show this, or show both and hide this.

edit2: similarly, once you have one of them hidden properly - well, that one will be hidden, and respond to the ":hidden" selector. Use that to distinguish between them (and save the distinction as a jquery variable) before you go showing or hiding anything else

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Hide the first:


Hide the second:


And then put these lines of code where needed.

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Basically, closing the others:


And for closing when clicking outside the box, I used this piece of code but it's a bit dirty:

$("body").click(function(e) {
    var should = true;
    for($e = $(; should && $e.length; $e = $e.parent()) {
        should = !$".custom-select");
    if(should) {
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You can bind a click to the document, that looks to see if they clicked on the custom-select or the document outside it and hides any open lists as it should:

    if(!$('.custom-select span')){ $('.custom-select').find('ul').slideUp('fast'); }

Updated JSFiddle

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