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Is there some ways how I could clone StringBuilder ? I am reading files by bits then convert these bits to ASCII chars after that I collect chars into String builder and when I have for example 8 chars I put that String Builder object into Array List. Then I clean it and again do the same. However I can't create new string builder because of memory and I can't do changes to that String builder because in Array List also that builder changes.

So I think I have to clone that String Builder and put it into Array List. There is just one problem String Builder don't have clone(). So what is my alternatives ?

Maybe someone could give some ideas what is neat way to do this considering about performance and memory.

ArrayList characters = new ArrayList(); int counter = 0;

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(blockSize-1);

while (mbb.hasRemaining()) {   

char charAscii = (char)mbb.get();


     if (counter == blockSize){

        sb.delete(0, sb.length());
        counter = 0;





return characters;
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"i can't create new string builder because of memory" - a cloned StringBuilder will use a similar amount of memory, so how would this help you? –  DNA Mar 1 '12 at 19:15
new StringBuilder(oldbuilder.toString()) is the simplest way to copy a StringBuilder. You haven't actualy explained what you are trying to achieve, so you might be able to just store the String from the StringBuilder instead. –  DNA Mar 1 '12 at 19:17
Yap understood that it won't help anyway. So i am out of options becouse this characters.add(new StringBuilder(sb)); gives java outOffMemory exception –  Streetboy Mar 1 '12 at 19:30

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If you don't have the memory to create a new StringBuilder, then you don't have the memory to create a new StringBuilder, and cloning wouldn't change that. The only real way to copy a StringBuilder is new StringBuilder(myBuilder), or something equivalent.

If you're getting OutOfMemoryException, you'll need to either get more memory, or find some other way to reduce memory consumption.

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You can clear StringBuilder object by:


sb.delete(0, sb.length()) 


sb = null;
sb = new StringBuilder();

For performance, 1. is the better option. But you cannot clone it anyway. For more info about clone see

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