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What is the proper syntax in Sequel to order by a slice of an SQL array value?

Here's what I want to do in SQL:

  a,                -- column with SQL array values
  a[0:depth], name  -- sort by 'a' ignoring last element, then by 'name'

In Sequel, I could do:

DB[:nodes].select(:a, :depth, :name).order(:a, :name)

but this sorts by all of :a, not the [0:depth] slice as desired. What's the proper syntax?

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This works:

DB[:nodes].select(:a, :depth, :name).order('a[0:depth]'.lit, :name)

Any better suggestions?

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That looks like the best way. Sequel's DSL has no support for the [0:depth] syntax. You could do :a.sql_subscript('0:depth'.lit), but that doesn't buy you much. – Jeremy Evans Mar 2 '12 at 16:37
Thanks @Jeremy! – jwfearn Mar 3 '12 at 6:38

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