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Now I've got simple request to Facebook api:


It works fine, but in the comments section, there are message, name and user id who post this comment, but I also need a photo-link. Of course I can send more requests to get user-photo. But I think it would be silly decision. Maybe there is way to send fql or batch request to get all fields I need in one request?

P.S. I already know how to do it with ruby, but i need some example which I can use in ios app.

Edit: Also I've got simple example, which do a little more detailed listing, but also without photo. What I should add to request2, to get photo?

    JSFacebookRequest *request1 = [JSFacebookRequest requestWithGraphPath:@"me/feed?   fields=story,message,comments&offset=15&limit=5"];
    [request1 setName:@"get-field"];
    JSFacebookRequest *request2 = [JSFacebookRequest requestWithGraphPath:@"?ids={result=get-field:$.data..id}"];
    [facebook fetchRequests:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:request1, request2, nil]  onSuccess:^(NSArray *responseObjects) {
        NSLog(@"Responses:\n%@", responseObjects);
    } onError:^(NSError *error) {
        NSLog(@"Error: %@", [error localizedDescription]);
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Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your situation, but it seems to me that you're over-complicating things. If you've got the user id, you can build the needed URL like so:


If that doesn't give you the desired image size, there are other options listed here. (See the 'images' parameter, for example.)

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